About us

Healthic ® is a Mexican entreprenurial company that aims to expand towards Latin America in the infection nosocomial control, pharmaceutical industry and medical devices. Our highly skilled, experienced technicians are better qualified than anyone else in the industry. We process medical and surgical material that follows state of the art German, Swiss an Austrian standars and technological operations. We have standarized and validated processes that guarantee the sterilization of the products that are sent to us. The company designed, built and operated the first autonomus sterilization central in Mexico as well as the first bio-disinfection service through vaporized dioxide peroxide vaporized in physical spaces.

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External sterilization

Our outsourcing service is carried out in a designed, equipped and operated under the regulations and applicable national and international standards central. We have state of the art technology and most importantly, the best talent in Mexico.

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By disinfection it is an automated service which disinfects and decontaminats any space using hydrogen peroxid. This disinfection process has showed the inactivation of high resistance pathogens such as covid-19. It has been widely used in the healthcare, food, corporation and domestic industries.

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